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What did you find for an i3? I'm contemplating a G3220 for a media server and wouldn't mind going to an i3 if it's not too much more. Both of them are overkill to serve up files but I'm not sure that I won't want to make it a Plex server as well. Cary
Nice one!Cary
That's about the best compliment we could give to a writer I would expect.In my case, that statement is very true as well.Cary
I thought the same thing. She may not be a ditz but certainly had trouble articulating her thoughts.Cary
Hahaha. They sure did. We live in North Alabama and we have the same stuff. When they focused on Meagan playing in the clay my wife said "uh oh, that's not gonna wash out". Cary
It bothered me as well that they didn't shoot the Guv. It was mentioned by someone on the show (pretty sure) that it was 50yards to the fence. Jeez, my little Ruger .22 rifle could consistently hit someone in the eye at 50 yards! Then there was Maggie and Beth with their fully automatic rifles. You go girls, just grit your teeth empty your clips into the woods there, don't even bother AIMING. Beth says "I'm out of ammo!" Yes honey, you are, now go get on the bus. Thanks...
I've seen Widespread Panic live more times than I can remember, but dang if I have ever seen a decent DVD from them. Any recommendations? I've bought a few of them and they never seemed to get it quite right. Maybe I just haven't found the right one.Cary
So say we all.
And I thought that I was the only one that remembered Jonathan Banks from Wiseguy. I used to watch that show and enjoyed it. I don't remember T'Bird you're talking about though. Does anyone have that show available for streaming?As others have mentioned, I don't think that the final episode of Breaking Bad was necessarily the best episode of the entire series, but certainly a fantastic ending. Farewell Walter!Cary
Yup. That's what I'm thinking.Cary
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