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Thinking about picking this one up. I'll be running basic cable into it (coax) and worried how it will look. Anyone try this? Cary
I box mine up and store them. I've got the DVDs in a case that holds 800. I catalog all of them in DVDProfiler and assign the sleeve number for each disc in that program so I can find them. Cary
I could swear that you've eavesdropped on the conversation in our house. That's been my mantra all along; "vampires don't sparkle". Cary
That's good enough for me. I'm a fan as well, but have been disappointed enough in the past to give this one a pass. You've given me some hope for this one... Cary
Goldmine. Thanks very much! Cary
I really appreciate you guys posting your lists and adding comments. I hope to participate next year A lot of these movies I've never heard of. Where do you hear of them? Where do you get them? Are they available for streaming or do you blind-buy? I'm interested in checking some of these recommendations out and just looking for the best (ie. cheapest) way to do it. Thanks! Cary
That's just good family fun right there. Cary
Thanks Guys! I appreciate it. Cary
How to you get HC mode? I didn't see it listed as an available game-type. Do you choose it by locating an HC server? Cary
I'm not sure whether this has been mentioned before, but.... Why can't I exit the game between games? I've got to wait until the next game starts before I can quit. I can't even edit my load-out between games. That's pretty dumb. Pretty simple thing that seems to have been overlooked. Cary
New Posts  All Forums: