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right now the reality is they can not stream 4k over the internet. Even with H265, all they will do is shrink the mbps and it will not look as good as HD. You need a really fast internet service and with no cap. Blu-ray 4k will be there, but the question is how will they handle it.
Hey Guys just wondering was there a replacement for the x35, or is the x500 it.
No I don't put it back in the charger since its at fill battery when I leave it. I have tons of devices that don't get used and I don't recharge for weeks and the battery life is still there.I think there may be something wrong with my remote.
How is the battery for you guys. I use the Remote for the my theater so maybe 1 or twice a week and find that when its not in use the battery is still draining. So when I come down on the weekend the battery is dead. Any thoughts Thanks.
The studios are so worried about piracy. Well I say bull$hit to that. If they make good movies piracy does not matter. Look at frozen for example. Right now it is very hard to find it in some stores. It is selling like crazy on blu-ray. I do not condone piracy, and have over 1000 purchased movies to prove it. But these hurdles that these companies are doing are just wasting time.
There website says up to 200" but when I try to do the screen calculator it only goes to 120.I have a 120" Da-lite Cinema 1.1 now. My whole thought is go bigger later this year. Trying to find which screen to go for and I like the idea even though I have a light controlled room my walls are not dark.
quick question but I can't seem to find the answer on the slate screens. How much are they? and what size does it go up to? Projector I have right now is a JVC x3
damn missed it. Can anyone grab me a copy. thanks.
Sony is pushing for 4k and they have 2 laser types in the works. There blue Laser with Phosphor into white light. Also they have been working on there Scanning Laser Tech.
There is a lot Coming you guys will see.
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