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Am I just missing it, or is there truly no way to have the W850A display what type of video signal it's being fed (1080p/24, 1080i/60, etc)?
Not me. The theatrical version of Desolation of Smaug is already 'extended' enough for me.
Ah, the 'ole "you're the first one to report that problem" reply. I've heard that one a few too many times over the years to actually believe it.
Thanks. Worked for me, first time. But there is nothing in the menu that would appear to be a power on or hours counter. Perhaps it was removed.
Is the "power on" hours counter visible anywhere? Service menu, hidden menu, etc? The LG 60PA6500 in my family room has this, and it would be nice to have something similar on the W850A.
What they said. A splitter / adapter cable won't work. You'll need to use a DAC ('D'igital to 'A'nalog 'C'onverter) to convert the digital output to analog. The one you linked to is one of the cheapest available, but should work okay as long as you can configure your Blu-ray player to send a stereo PCM signal through its digital output.
You'll get delays when navigating the menus on many AVRs. Their general-purpose processing power is limited, and speed of menu navigation is probably not a high-priority design goal.
FALD = Full-Array (LED back-lighting) with Local Dimming. [Darn acronyms!] Basically, locating a larger number of LEDs directly behind the screen (instead of along the edges), with a pre-defined set of LED zones that can be individually dimmed or turned off as needed to improve black levels.
The passthrough does seem to work okay for some users. It seems rather apparent that the Xbox One was rushed to market before the software was ready.
Terrible lip-sync issues here. There's a long thread about this at the Xbox forums, yet it seems that Microsoft has still not officially acknowledged the issue. Blu-ray movies are unwatchable due to awful A/V sync when 24hz output is enabled. Disabling 24hz output helps a little, but does not entirely eliminate the sync issues.http://forums.xbox.com/xbox_forums/xbox_support/xbox_one_support/f/4274/t/1630530.aspxThere's also the unreliable HDMI passthrough issues that...
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