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That pair of analog audio jacks appears to be an input, for use with the composite video input located immediately above them. The headphone jack could theoretically be used to get an analog audio output, but it'll probably be controlled by the TV's volume controls (which could degrade quality in this use) and the output voltage will likely not be the same as a typical line-level audio output (which could result in overloading the line-level input on the amp, or in...
You can get a DAC with Dolby Digital support for $50 or so. Check eBay or Amazon for "Orei DA 34". [Note: I haven't used this product myself.]
I see 14 apps on my KDL-65W850A. Where are you finding 247? (Wait... now they're there. Haven't counted... but it could easily be 200+. They weren't there only a few minutes ago.)
I saw your post over at Vinyl Engine after I posted the above. Looks like you got pretty much the same suggestion over there, albeit much more verbose than my brief response.
Good video there of the problems. My first thought was that the oil/grease has gummed up in one or more of the gears -- but that's really little more than a guess. You'd get more feedback on this over at www.vinylengine.com.
AXD7668 is the correct model number for the remote. Check the remote control setup under Home Menu > System Setup > Other Setup > Remote Control Mode Setup.
You'll probably get a new-in-box TX-NR5010.
I first noticed it a few days ago -- and only during the in-studio segments of the news broadcasts. I've since noticed it on the morning and evening broadcasts. It was still there on tonight's broadcast but only at a few spots... like when they moved off to the side of the news desk for the piece on e-cigarettes. Perhaps I'm hearing a loud HVAC system in the background, or a wireless microphone that's acting up.
What's with the terrible ground-loop like audio hum/buzz in the background during all of the local in-studio newscasts on KUTV? Surely I can't be the only one noticing this.
AVRs with HDMI 2.0 support will likely be rare until next year's product cycle. Rushing an HDMI 2.0 AVR to market so quickly after the finalization of the HDMI 2.0 specs would be bound to result in customer anger from the inevitable bugs and incompatibilities. Certification and compatibility testing takes time.
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