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Dear god, this gets old. The show is not about the "subject matter", any more than The Sopranos was "about" organized crime.
I read elsewhere that this was made by Disney's straight-to-video division, but they decided to release it in theaters first. A money move of course. My son wanted to see it, so the entire family sat through it. It is definitely a straight to video product. This had absolutely zero amount of the charm one expects of a Pixar product, so at least they weren't responsible for this. It's fine for the under 6 crowd, but frankly why not wait a month or 2 for the disc, and allow...
I think his relationship with Anna (the real Don Draper's widow) was perhaps in the same category. He always seemed a very different, relaxed, honest person when he spent time with her. Perhaps because she knew his truth, he could relax with her.
Me too.
Riiiiggghhhhhtttt. Back to our thread.
In fairness, The Following is not "Kevin Bacon's disaster" - it's Kevin Williamson's disaster. I've read elsewhere that Bacon is very unhappy with the writing, but I don't know if he contractually has the power to insist on changes.
That's become a popular theory for political reasons too.
No kidding. I'm just reporting what the show claimed.
Not defending the show, but they did offer up a hurried explanation that the Followers were bouncing her cell signal around to mask the location of her phone - not sure how that would work, but there you go.
The only mystery that interests me on this show at this stage is whether or not the writers are crazy enough to attempt to carry this story into a second season. Surely to goodness someone at the network will tell them to wrap up this mess next week, and start next season with a new story, and a NEW GROUP OF WRITERS.
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