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Erik, re your problem with videos not showing up in the folders that Serviio monitors, I had the same problem and found that all I had to do was stop the Serviio service and then restart it whenever I added new videos. Then they showed up fine. Richard
Has anyone figured out which key to press when using Youtube on this family of players how to mark videos as favourites?
After reading your post I tried a number of Blu-Ray disks. The first one I put in buzzed. None of the others did and when I put the first one in again it didn't either. I haven't played a lot of MKVs but I've had no problem with them yet. Did you update to the newest update? Since I have an ethernet connection I haven't bothered with wi-fi. I've had a few problems with Serviio not updating the DVDs in a folder, but it seems if I stop the service and restart it, it...
In answer to my earlier question for anyone who's wondering, just got a 620 and so far it's played everything I've thrown at it - Divx, MKV, Avi, etc from both DVDs and over the network from my computer. Couldn't get Nero Media Home Essentials to work - kept saying it had been stopped whenever I tried to start it. After a while I got tired of frigging with it and downloaded Serviio which worked fine.
One more thing, the software updates on the LG site are for both the 420 and the 620 so again you would think it would play the same formats as the 420.
Wondering about the ability of the 620 to play Divx. The manual doesn't mention it. Called support. First they said no. Then after looking a bit further said yes. Some reviews say no and some say yes. Seems strange they would not support Divx when the 420 does. Anyone know for sure one way or the other?
Wonder if there's any Blu-Ray player with 5 channel analog out and Divx support other than the Oppo which is a bit out of my price range. Thanks, Richard
Anyone know of blu-ray players that have 5 channel analog outputs and DivX support? I know the Oppo has this but it's a bit out of my price range.
PPunster: I tried remuxing with mkvmerge and turned off compression in the 3 places I found where it could be turned off but the movie still locks up after about 30 minutes. Have to unplug and re plug back in the player to get it unlocked. I'm using 360c which is the latest, I believe. I wonder if there's anything I'm missing with MKVMerge. Richard
New Posts  All Forums: