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Anyone know the mounting thread size for the Benq W500? Thanks, Richard
Can anyone tell me the thread size for the mounting screws? I have a homemade ceiling mount for the X1 that I plan to modify for the W500 which should arrive in a day or two. Thanks, Richard
Anyone tried a little lubrication on the color wheel to get rid of the noise while having the X1 opened? Richard
Are LCDs more subject to dust blobs than DLPs? I have an X1 now that has dust blobs though I don't notice them much except on a blank screen.
Will the Oppo 970 play OGM files? Thanks, Richard
Interesting. I'll think about that.
Greeno, I notice you have used the 318 upconverting player. I have a 318 now using it with an X1 displaying a 90" screen. Would it be worth it to upgrade to the Oppo 970HD? Is there that much of a difference in what the Oppo can do over the 318? Thanks, Richard
The new Kingwell upconverting DVD players look interesting. Anyone use them yet with projectors for SD-DVDs? Richard
I see the Kingwell 1880 and HD6900i are both getting some mentions. Wonder if there is an improvement there for SD-DVD over component over the 318.
Will the D1 make a noticeable difference over the upconverting 318. I'm using the 318 with component to an X1 projector. The difference there over a non upconverting DVD player was impressive, but I have a large collection of SD-DVDs, and I'd definitely get a D1 and do the mod if it would improve in still more. Thanks, Richard
New Posts  All Forums: