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I have 2700 hours on my X1. Colors and brightness are still good. Several times I've had the buzzing start, but whenever it did I took out the bulb assembly and blew it out with compressed air, the buzzing went away.
Is there any difference in the offset between the X1 and the 1000? Did you have to make any changes to the mounting height to change over? Richard
Anyone know who the HD1000 dealers are in Canada? I went to the Mitsubishi Canada site, but they want to know just about all your personal history before releasing any information. You'd think they would want to sell projectors and list the dealers on their site. I finally sent them an email, but no word back yet aside from a form email. A strange company. Do they really want to sell projectors in Canada? Richard
To show off a projector on an upconverting DVD player, I'm looking for a DVD probably done in the last few years that's a good recording of a hockey game. Although there are a number of hockey DVDs out there, most seem to be of older games, and older games are probably recorded with older equipment so the PQ picture is probably not so hot. Does anyone know of a hockey game recorded with good picture quality that will project will from an X1? Thanks, Richard
I currently have the Zenith 318 (Actually the LG equivalent) outputting to an X1 with a 90 inch screen. I'm wondering if any of the upconverting Oppo's do a better job of upconverting. Anyone have experience with both? Thanks, Richard
I'm using the Zenith (US) or LG (Canada). It upconverts through the component ports. There's a new one from a Chinese company whose name I forget that's gotten great reviews.
Get an upconverting DVD player to go with the 4805 and you'll get something very close to 720p or 1080i.
I have a X1 with an upconverting DVD player. The picture is much much better upconverted to 1080i. I almost never use my old DVD player with it. I think you would find the same with the 4805.
I do always clean rental DVDs before using them. Though the problems might have been worse if I hadn't, they are bad enough even on cleaned ones.
I recently got a DVB318 DVD player (actually the Canadian LGDV7832 version since I'm in Canada). Love the picture on an X1 through the component port but I find the player is very picky with DVDs that aren't absolutely perfect. New DVDs play fine, but tiny scratches or marks on an older DVD frequently cause the player to freeze. The same DVDs play fine on my other two DVD players (A Samsung and a cheap Sampo). Since I belong to a DVD mail rental club like Netflix, many...
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