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i think i have another panny power cord i can switch out and test. ill try that. much thanks.
never got a resolution to this. i imagine somewhere, likely in a corner under other boxes, they have a box with the broken non working amp i properly returned to them. anyone have any use for a A3-300 minus the amp? later.
after a couple years of low use with no issues i suddenly cannot play BR disc in my 210 without screen flickering. swapped out HDMI cables and the same thing both on Despicable Me and Elf today. tv is Panny TC-P50GT25 with 210 direct connected via HDMI. haven't changed settings on either recently. updated the firmware today on the 210 and messed around with turning Deep Color off, but that made it worse, producing snow flickering just on the menu screens alone. problem...
Relax chief. I did not, have not, and don't plan to "bash" eD. I never said my customer service experience was bad so your response is off target.
^^^^ I would agree but they clearly outline the return or warranty process as NOT being phone friendly. Pretty easy to get out and I am not the most "techie" person. Its super heavy. Doesn't look broke though.
email only. why?
much thanks. i need it fixed, warranty or not / pain or not, so out it has to come.
i think they have a 5 year warranty on the amps. so, how do i remove it.
well, A3-300 purchased back in Feb 2008 has stopped working. more specifically it started blowing fuses this May when powered up. i am being told to pull and send the AMP in, which is a major pain in my arse. is removing the amp a simple process? couldnt track down any help on their site with that. much thanks all.
yeah just updated the firmware and still "no disc" error. guess its goning back. thanks.
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