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Having set up my parents' new TV, they need an HDMI receiver, so I'm planning on giving them my 6yo Sony STRDG1000 that has served me well, but is seriously lacking in (among other things) HDMI inputs and Blu-ray sound decoding. So now I'm in the market for a new receiver that's a noticeable upgrade. I'm currently powering a 5.1 system with Ascend 170s and 340s and a Hsu VTF2mk3, although I'm in an apartment so I can't get super loud. I'd need at least 4 HDMI inputs, and...
Just an FYI, but those enhancements are for a fan-edited and upgraded version of just one of those movies. That undercuts most of your argument.Really? Are you now claiming Lucasfilm couldn't or didn't chip in? Preservation of these films would be relatively cheap for either Lucasfilm or Fox, both of whom have operating budgets in the billions. And, of course, had preservation of these films been done properly even back in the 90s, there would be less problems now. And by...
From one of the people who's gone through it:
Do you have a link to that? I want to read it to make sure he's really just holding out on us.
Nope. They added cores to the lightsabers but they're still pink. Making a half-hearted effort over 3 years that a fan editor took a couple of weeks to do right is BS.
Aaaaand now they're saying the "Father!" from the Fried Luke scene is now essentially inaudible. That's totally "effects won't overpower dialog," right?
Full confirmation on all changes from Lucasfilm: Quote: I know the New York Times has been reporting it, but I’ve finally gotten word from Lucasfilm. It’s true. All the changes we’ve been obsessing over all day and night. Quote: Yes, the updates are confirmed. We hope fans will wait to see for themselves how they fit into the Saga before making any judgments. Which, of course, still fails to directly address why the supposed fixes...
Quote: Originally Posted by RedOctober205 Yes they are your claims. Don't run from them now. Holy crap. First context doesn't matter, and now quotes from other people are my own. This is entering Alice in Wonderland territory. Quote: Still waiting for proof of any lies and disinformation campaigns. Still waiting for proof that context is no longer part of human interaction.
Quote: Originally Posted by RedOctober205 Perhaps we might actually get someone directly involved in this release to come here and comment on this Since you want to speak in hypotheticals, if someone came here (or elsewhere) and confirmed that the changes from the rip were in the final product, what would you say? Because my opinions on motivations aside, that would mean you were wrongly accusing me of using false statements in my post pointing...
Quote: Originally Posted by dvdmike007 Three stages? : Lucasfilm ILM THX I see a connection there... I know you're being sarcastic, but in any event, according to the official site, it was THX, Blu-Focus, and Deluxe. Not sure of the affiliations of the last two.
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