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Does anyone know if you can receive DTS Neural Direct Stations, with a VSX-1121? Can't find them on the internet radio. More info at this thread: http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showthread.php?t=1297453
Does anyone know if this works with a VSX-1121? Can't find them on the internet radio.
My old Marantz 8001 (before it died 35 days out of warranty)could do this for PCM if it was LESS than 65 khz. The 8002 could probably do it too. The DVDO Edge might do it also.
Don't know about AES but,,, http://www.audioholics.com/reviews/c...-tech-at-hd570
You must have one loud car But I bet YOU cold tell the difference if you had SACD or DVD-A in the car. Like Homer, I mean DonutFan said, CD's sound better than mp3's. (even in a car)
Nice find, finally something worthwhile to buy at BB.
Went back to Comcast last month, but didn't last long (some kind of SA box). No 30 sec skip, only 4 channels in the guide with the rest being advertisements, slower than an HR-21. 3 movies and a football game took up 1/4 of the hard drive space. With Tivo, I can copy DVD's over to it, and the kids can operate it. Tivo can archive to a computer. Ever try using firewire on a cable box? HA. Customer Service is technically adapt at Tivo. For cable companies it's Shareholder...
Quote: Originally Posted by S_rangeBrew View Post Although I find it strange that Onkyo allows NEO to be 11.2 and DSX only has 9.2. Bump on this question.
If it's any consolation, this is the 3rd time I'm a "new subscriber".
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