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But, even the SD material looks terrible. I can clearly (no pun intended) see the additional compression (soft image) and artifacts. I assume you have no issue receiving it?
Is it anything like this; Looks as they are running a contest with WPXJ to see how many sub channels they can cram in 6 MHz. IOW's how bad can we make these look and still have viewers?
Simple, it's not the physical enclosure, it's the interface board. Bad board, bad chipset, issue between that interface and the interface of the device. Any number of things. It may work fine connected to a PC, or some other device, but have a issue here.
Try another enclosure. There are ones less than $10. Besides, it's nice to have a spare.
It sounds more of a issue with the interface (enclosure), not the HDD itself. Thats' why I buy separately, Separate drives, separate enclosures as I recommended.
She can say that as many times as she likes, with those looks. Green or otherwise.
There is some jumping around and abrupt story line changes, but this isn't the only 'series' that does it. Scandal does it also. The next episode, events have happened with little telling the viewer when they did. Anyway, Vera is hot. Since to see actors that are over 35 for a change instead of the usual teenyboppers.
If it has to do with reception, here is a dedicated sub-forum for that. Are any of your OTA stations VHF or are they all UHF? If so, that isn't the most ideal antenna. Are they all in one direction, I see there is no rotor? The dismal selection of DVR's in this country is pathetic, especially if you compare what is available in European & Asian countries where there is no or little interference (restrictions) from a single manufacturer and/or the movie industry.
The wireless industry has gotten way too much spectrum. They haven't begun to fully use what they already have. Let them take away from the vast wasteland from 225-400 MHz first. Talk about big government.
Nope, not that i have ever seen. The MSO's have these locked up tight. of course you can always ask them, but it will probably be a no.
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