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You might want to ask that here; http://www.avsforum.com/f/26/home-theater-computers
Some just don't understand (or want to grasp) the meaning or concept of "optional".
75-90% of reception problems is the antenna, it's location and your location. Some of which you can't do anything about. The rest is the ability of the tuner to handle high error rates. And yes, those so called 'signal' indicators' are hit or miss at best.
All DVR's have issues, none are excluded.
denversun; You would be foolish not to go for Canadian stations, especially being out in Clarence. It should be a slam dunk unless you are in some dead spot.
I never saw the question come up anywhere, but since the subject did, I did find this here in this forum;http://www.avsforum.com/t/1403435/tvs-with-epg-with-ota-signal-usa#post_22637527Now, how detailed the Guide has to be is another thing. Where did you see that it wasn't a requirement?.That sounds like the same problem the original VRX DVR had that was corrected in the VRX2..
There is a owners thread for this in the HDTV Recorder section. Your problem seems to be the interface. have you tried another enclosure?
Never stated or implied anyone should not make a profit so don't claim I did.I didn't see anyone putting a gun to your head forcing you to read anyones posts. If you are accusing me of not stating facts, then list what is incorrect.
Maybe as a 'guest'..That's a understatement which covers just about all consumer electronics, especially DVR's with no exception.
There was an additional screen (tab/section) added some time back. Record is short for recordings, I assume there wasn't room for the full word. If you look at the background (wallpaper if you will) you will see "Movie" which was the original incorrect term.
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