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There is a owners thread for this in the HDTV Recorder section. Your problem seems to be the interface. have you tried another enclosure?
Never stated or implied anyone should not make a profit so don't claim I did.I didn't see anyone putting a gun to your head forcing you to read anyones posts. If you are accusing me of not stating facts, then list what is incorrect.
Maybe as a 'guest'..That's a understatement which covers just about all consumer electronics, especially DVR's with no exception.
There was an additional screen (tab/section) added some time back. Record is short for recordings, I assume there wasn't room for the full word. If you look at the background (wallpaper if you will) you will see "Movie" which was the original incorrect term.
Didn't that DTVPal have problems with the time change also??
The data in the guide is no better nor worse than any other guide that uses PSIP station data. You are at the mercy of those stations desire to update their listings.If you want a full guide, you have to pay for it.
Unfortunately, very few episodes. They just started back up a week or so ago. Vera is hot. Nice change from the typical 20 year olds.
Minor issue 2x a year, but is it a problem with a manual time set?
Isn't that great they are just thinking about themselves?? Deregulation at work again, the rich getting richer. Big business doing just what they want and can get away with which is just about everything. Of course there are individuals here that support all of that even though it hurts them too.
Revised known "list of concerns" based on the current VRX2 firmware; Other than the HDMI audio fix, I'm not aware of any other changes. If so, please post corrections to this list. (Separated into hardware & firmware, in order of importance. Similar items are grouped together.) Hardware concerns; A. Add the missing component out to where it was original designed to go. Older TV's may not have HDMI inputs, newer low end TV's never have enough HDMI inputs for multiple...
New Posts  All Forums: