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Yes, it can do HD and probably no for those 'movie' channels. It wasn't designed to do any of that, just for the lower level tiers that have now gone encrypted and/or digital, but it will depend on your cable operator and what 'package' you have. It won't replace a full size STB.
http://www.avsforum.com/t/1414002/epvision-phd-vrx-vrx2-owners-thread Excellent tuner, so so DVR. They also have a less expensive tuner only, but it is somewhat dated. For the price difference I don't believe it is worth it, but you can always try it out.
No and yes. Considering the size, they are kinda nice, but absolutely no features what so ever. You probably won't get all the HD channels that you are paying for that you would with a regular MSO provided STB depending you your MSO's system setup.
You didn't think to use the exit to 'exit' a menu or on screen display??
A informed consumer.
And this is one of the ones that can't see the trees. According to what you posted, it's the same setup as the HD (series 3). Very poor documentation.
Problem is certain other individuals that won't see the forest for the trees when it comes to negatives of these TiVo models, resent that I like to state both sides. They and that company like any other are real quick to point out the pluses, but real slow to admit to the negatives. In markets like this, flexibility of the tuner is important since not all stations are coming from the same basic direction. Tuners (DVR's) that don't allow adding channels will be a huge...
Has anyone noticed grayed out scheduled recordings that appear when there are overlapping conflicts? One ending at 1 minute past and/or another starting 1 minute before the hour.
From my reading, it's a firmware issue. Guess it wasn't tested very well along with the other quirks. So much for comments like "it works" that was made elsewhere.
None of these are without issues. problem is certain individuals refuse to see the negatives of their much worshiped TiVo including the v53 error message and a a six tuner model with only 4 working (for starters).
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