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Then have you looked at the link in post 3??
Move antenna, Raise antenna, Change antenna, All of the above.
Why this forum choose to start another 'DVR' like sub-forum is beyond me. Have you seen this in the DVR sub-forum?; http://www.avsforum.com/t/1460149/updated-list-of-consumer-available-dvrs-available-in-the-us/0_60
Lowest prices I've seen, the 780 can be had for $164, the 890 $275. Sorry, for $111 more, I can't see the value. If you are at that level, you might as well go for the 980 for 25 more which has the same button layout as the 900. The other ironic thing is, the older 900 is $210. It makes no sense to market that for $46 more over the 780.
Like all consumer products, step up (in price) gets you more bells & whistles. In this case graphics. Are you watching TV, or watching the remote? I watch TV and could care less about any graphics. As long as I can read the text, that is all that is important. Also, the fancy color LCD display drains the batteries faster. Lastly, there is the profit factor. It doesn't cost much to add fancy graphics compared to the physical components. Profit margin is the result on the...
One sided.
Have you seen this?; http://www.avsforum.com/t/1460149/updated-list-of-consumer-available-dvrs-available-in-the-us/0_60
gastrof; Have you reads posts 2 & 5?
No new version for the VRX has been posted on their main site, only for the VRX2.
There is also WIVB down the road. You must have enough side rejection not to bother that preamp.
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