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The quote in that post pretty much says it all, don't you think? He talked about this for over 2 years, one would think he would have the mind to contact them first and discuss things first. That version you listed was pulled from their main site. I don't know why it wasn't pulled from the FTP site. .
I couldn't and still can't find any manual available. Between the no-name Chinese outfit that makes this and the semi no-name US importer(s), there is no support. Contact whomever you bought it from. Feel free to post any additions to the DVR comparison chart in this sub-forum when you find out.
HDTV1080P24; You haven't been reading, that is a dead issue.http://www.avsforum.com/t/1414002/epvision-phd-vrx-vrx2-owners-thread/1980#post_24227067.
Or the inability of the tuner to recognize that data properly. There seems to be a problem with some receivers and WNED. I have had it ID'ed improperly at times and I have read the same with others.
It's not the antenna, it's where you are. You have 2 1/2 TV stations in your backyard (literally). with the 1/2 being that duplication of that station in the Southtowns. Amps will get overloaded with high RF levels present. Preamps are worse..There is no way they or anyone else can state that you are "getting as good as can expected" without knowing the area and the situation. Nor is stating that or any antenna will not receive further than 50 miles or worse yet will...
You haven't been reading the thread. Forget using any amp, especially a preamp. It would be severely overloaded.
Ironically I asked a similar question in the Seki thread and here is the response;Again, it's not a jab towards Vizio.
I have read many similar reports of various lessor name TV's, surely not just Vizio. I would say Seiki appears to be at the same stage Vizio was 5 or so years ago. The name has been around, but not a player in the US. For this I would think twice about a purchase until some track record is established no matter what the reviews say.
No offense, but it really should. Apparently too many others seem to feel the same way. "Do you feel lucky"? Though reliable, things can go wrong. Smaller sets (under say 32") aren't a huge deal, but above 50" which is just about everything that is discussed in this sub-forum would be no picnic if it had to be shipped back. Considering the obsession of throwing out the box & manual with everything from a $300 TV to a $5,000 piece of test equipment, if you have no...
Isn't deregulation great? Anything big business wants to do they can. Thanks for all these that continue to support them.
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