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Post #10 has been updated to include the new optional remote control.
Sounds as you are talking about a IR receiver. I would assume the center clock display.
Is there any way you can take a good screen shot of this? I doubt it's the lens, the defect would manifest as a much larger distortion over more of the screen.
Welcome to the forum. First thing, take the top off and take a few closeups of the interior, namely the fan placement. Also, assuming there is a system information (or similar) page, take a screen shot of that so we can compare this version with CM's.
Almost any of the regulars in this forum could do the same thing. Compose a list of 'wants', but getting stubborn, narrow minded people in another country to listen is another thing. BTW, no one would ever get rich in this very limited market.
I think these are just random 'glitches' that occur once in a while. I don't really use this as a DVR at present. It's more of a auxiliary tuner that is in a room with the PC. I see weird things on and off, namely channels coming up black when the signal is good from a standby state. I have to move up or down a channel & return to 'activate' the video (so to speak). The tuner is just kinda slow to recognize the signal (and I don't mean reception issues either). Just some...
No. New bug added.Can we try for 2 TB?? I changed the max drive size.Obviously not. Nope. I only tried a few recordings on the same day.After a number of conversations, the following has come out;1. This was marketed for the masses as a cheap tuner,2. This is their first DVR,3. Whatever testing was done overseas, it had to very minimal,4. Their people here had no input on any of this. The products are sent over and their people here have to sort through all of it, then...
The reason I asked about reflections is, I see a internal reflection as you describe when off during the day. It is an internal reflection off the mirror that shows as you described.
The red "R" should mean it is recording at the time.
I can't duplicate the problem. Either I am missing something, or something else is wrong.I deleted recordings accessed from the shortcut to "Recordings" and I deleted them via the long route, through the menu, then to "Recordings". I hate to ask, but could you give a step by step scenario of the situation.
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