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I've had mine (JX4) 2 years last December. Had the DM1 replaced within the first year. It's on at 7 am and off at 11PM (My wife runs the audio channel all day). I refuse to go to anyone's house to watch football unless it's better than the F38310 =). Needless to say, amongst my family and friends, the superbowl is always at my house. I was thinking of upgrading the DVD player to something capable of producing 720p and 1080i output. There's a few more units now than...
I saw a show on HGTV that featured in-wall speakers by Stealth Acoustics. I was wondering if anyone had any experience with these? They are pricey at $600 per pair, but the idea of a painted wall with speakers behind it is very intriguing. http://www.stealthacoustics.com/pages/F6.htm
I'm trying to avoid removing the reciever from the bedroom every weekend.
I've got the old card. there's no way I'll pay them 20 clams for a new one though. I only want to use this box for 3 1/2 months at the beach (can't go to the beach without watching the Red Sox).
Has anyone had any luck with the above-mentioned approach?
I have an unused D* receiver and was wondering if my active cards would work in that receiver? I've tried using a card from my bedroom receiver, and it says its not a valid card. It suggests that cards are specific to a certain receiver? thanks, jack
Do they assume an external antenna installation?
Maybe I missed some of these details on their website, but as far as I can tell, Voom is relying on your ability to receive a good OTA signal for local channels. What happens if you're not in a good location? What type of OTA antenna do they offer? Will they provide an amp if the signal is not strong? Anyone having a problem getting any local channels? Right now I can't get WB, and Fox is sketchy. I would not consider Voom unless they offer NESN (which exclusively...
I have the same thing - some stations are rock-solid (2, 4, 5 & 7) others come and go (25, 38). I did notice a difference in using a CM 0747 vs. a RadioCrap amp. I might try wiring an outlet into the attic to see if boosting the signal on that end helps any. I have an attic-mounted yagi, about 30 miles from Needham towers, lots of treetops obscuring horizon.
I don't find it worth another 12 bucks a month. I have an HD tuner built-in (RCA F38310), and can get the local digital signals from attic antenna. The HBO package also offers HBO in HD so I do enjoy Sopranos and Deadwood in HD. I did try to order it during a Pats game last winter, but found that I needed a triple LNB instead of my current double. Now if D* ever gets their sh*t together and decides to bundle NESN into their package, I'd jump at it to get all RedSox...
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