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Add the ram and SSD and check back. Also define 'running like crap', as in perhaps loaded with browser bars and spyware/crapware?
I got a promo for a couple of free months of HBO. Spent an hour with a rep trying to get the card provisioned for it and gave up. At least I didn't lose my regular channels.
FYI new beta software as of 4/4/14
I don't like how Plex handles ff'ing for commercial skip compared to watching natively on WMC. It may be due to the fact that our Roku3 is wireless and not wired.
Mine is doing exactly that as well. Trinity A8K, win7 64, LG Plasma.Smells like a HDMI handshake/driver issue. It didn't happen with older Cat's but I haven't rolled back to test. I recently upgraded to latest beta's but no change.
EA and Origin? Pass. 48GB installed, 35 of which is uncompressed audio (!).
It may be a ground issue. Experiment with a bare system out of the case and if possible with a different PSU.
You have to run test mode in win 64 for the unified because they aren't certified. There are instructions at the site.
Not that I can gather.
Can I assume the stock cooler would do for a stock clocked, locked i5-4570 (3.2GHz), or at least be quieter than the HD7790 it's paired with in a gaming rig?
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