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And you state that from personal experience? I use it to control a TiVo HD and Yamaha receiver through a first gen Google TV SONY BD player (NSZ-GT1) and it's nothing like you describe and I highly doubt it will be any different on the Xbox One.That said, I am looking at completing a PC for the Living Room and at some point I would like to add a CableCard setup to that, which is why I'm following this thread.
Yes, it was and I'm really disappointed by the lack of notice it's getting here and elsewhere.I really can't limit myself to five and my insomnia keeps me from doing a complete list, but ones that spring to mind:Dinner PartyThe InjuryCustomer SurveyA Benihana ChristmasDwight's SpeechScott's Tots...aw hell, I could go on and on, but I'll end it here.
When isn't Ron fantastic? I like how April and Andy are doing different things now. Not that I don't like them together, but it expands the possibilities when you put the two of them with others.
Head on over to The Offerman Woodshop and click on the Who We Are link, check out Nick's bio and tell me if you don't think there's a lot of Ron Swanson in Nick Offerman and vice versa. Almost a crime that one man can have such diverse and abundant talents.P&R, still a fun ride.
I abandoned that channel when it went from TechTV to G4. Don't think Comcast can drive NBC any further into the ground, but we shall see.
I did wake up this AM to the tuning adapter doing it's 8x indicator light blink signifying it had lost sync with the cable headend. No canceled recordings, but it is inconvenient nonetheless.
Well, since this thread has laid dormant for over two months and there's been no reply to this post, there was an announcement of a fiber ring project for the Southern Tier over two years ago: http://www.dslreports.com/shownews/112777. The Corning Leader also covered the story: http://www.the-leader.com/news/x43527252/Bringing-counties-up-to-speed-Broadband-plan-excites-officials. It was supposed to be a 30 month project that began in June 2011, so that would mean slated...
Can you pick up the affected stations OTA? I ask because I don't just assume it. There's a few networks I can't pick up via antenna here, in HD anyway.
I would guesstimate about every three months or so there is an issue, but not "all the time". I have the toll-free number @ TWC for CableCard support and I've gotten to where I'm pretty good @ handling it.
I signed up for double play, TV/Internet, w/ TWC in July of 2011. About a month prior to expiration TWC sent notice they would auto-renew for the second year. Canceled DirecTV two months later prior to coming out of six month suspension. I have a TiVo HD on a low cost monthly plan so I don't have to rely on TWC's equipment. If they don't auto-renew for a third year, I'll call to cancel armed with the offers DirecTV extends me to come back.
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