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I'd heard there was to be an April release for the "Anthology" set Joe. I can't recall the site I saw it on so don't take it as gospel. Tremendous news whatever the release date(s) prove to be! Now, about those Beatle DVD-Audio discs...;).
So these discs really are geared towards progressive scan DVD players & compatible monitors right? I wouldn't see that great a difference on my non-prog panny correct?
The last I heard "After The Gold Rush" was scheduled to be the next Neil release. I hope it gets the same fantastic treatment as "Harvest".
Quote: Originally posted by FredProgGH You can also sync "Echoes" from the Meddle album with the end of 2001: a space odyssey. It works so well that one wonders if Roger Waters didn't go to see 2001 with a stopwatch at some point and take notes and use them later when editing Echoes. It's very effective. Start the song exactly when the "Jupiter- And Beyond The Infinite" title card appears. Finally! Every time the DSOTM/WOO sync comes up I can't...
May I ask borghe, what did you hear about the Yamaha unit in regards to "sub-par audio performance"? Thanks.
It would stand to reason seeing as how the Madonna & Britney Spears concert were released to DVD. Funny thing is, the Spears show was in 5.1
"How important is SACD?". I think you'll have to answer that for yourself in regards to your interests in the artists being released in that format. I'm sure you're aware that the remastered Stones discs are hybrid discs and that any artists on the Sony label could be released in the SACD format, a large part of Bob Dylan's catalogue is being released that way. PF's "Dark Side of the Moon" will be released in SACD, no word yet if DVD-A is to be released. Personally, I'm...
Quote: Originally posted by Ahmose I believe Sony just announced (during CES) that they will be releasing Dark Side of the Moon. So i don't think it's available yet. It's an EMI release, but I wouldn't doubt Sony had some impact since it was chosen for SACD release.
Quote: Originally posted by sxty8goats 25$ a copy? I have a list of discs for you.. send them in my card # is XXXX XXXXX XXXX XXX have a nice day and thank you. Read the post again. I typed "$25" not "$.25". If you want to take issue w/ what I say fine, but please don't miquote me.
Quote: Originally posted by otzdig Personally, I hope they both co-exist, because I think both formats have very good merits. Will it happen, I'd like to think so, though I can't predict the future. But (to steal a phrase from Mr. Twain) I think rumors of either format's demise have been greatly exaggerated. Mike I share that hope Mike. If both continue to compete, I believe that's best for the consumer. If one wins out then the...
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