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Self repaired RCA UTV is still working (amazing!). Did get one short "insert a valid access card" message that went away. Thanks again David T and all you other guys that helped me out. Also hope we helped others. Later Larry B
Scott, Did you call them? If so what happened? Has anyone else had any experience dealing with " Professional Satellite Repair"? Larry
85 to 90 hours average on a 120gb HD
If your unit is properly installed and subscribed to DTV, they will clear the security code for you. Just call them. The super reset code can be risky to use. For all the system codes search posts by user "haski".
Correct. And if you are out of warranty its $150 plus shipping on your credit card. They seem to have an independant repair contractor and are expecting a shipment of repaired units on January 19th (per an RCA CSR).
David, I only have a laptop computer so I may never know for sure. The new drive is a WD1200BB. The old drive was a WD450AW 45gb. It's now a paperweight. Do you want it? Larry
American Satilite had some Sony UTVs leftover. PH#1-888-999-7331
You don't live so far from me and I average 97% signal strength. Suggest you repoint your dish before you do anything. Also when I changed LNBs my signal strength jumped 10%.
Call RCA-Thompson customer service at 1-800-722-9588 menu 3,1 and ask any CSR about new UTVs. They will tell you the DWD495RG (70 hrs $399msrp) is in production and will be available soon. Can anyone tell me where they get their information??????? Not here I think.
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