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These things seem to have gone out of stock in the past few days, JUST as I was needing to get one! Amazon is now showing 1-2 months. Guess I should've pulled the trigger last week.
I don't have any idea if there is attic space above. This is a bummer, I was hoping I was just missing some ready-made-product. I'm not remotely mechanical.
I'm moving into a new house and my wife isn't keen on me having my projector hanging down 5 feet off the ground in the living room, so I'm wondering if anyone could point me to a projector mounting solution where I can pull the projector down when it is in use, and push it back up against the ceiling when it isn't in use. I've seen some pretty expensive electric lifts where your projector goes up into the ceiling, but I don't need anything that fancy, I just need to be...
Where are folks buying their replacement lamps for the W7000? I see Amazon selling a bulb and a full lamp with generic housing (for twice as much as the bulb alone).
What is the difference between the Benw w7000+ and the w7000? I can only find the w7000+ for sale in Australia, and Benq no longer has an active listing for the w7000+.
I can only give you anecdotal evidence, but I just switched from a Carada Brilliant White 1.3 to a new High Power in a room with no light control and the difference is shocking. Projector is 3 feet above our head and I'm cannot believe how much brighter the projector is. I did not expect such a dramatic difference.
I have a 120" 1.85:1 brilliant white Carada (1.3 gain) in my living room which has absolutely no light control and a massive bay window that runs the length of the 20' room. Main viewing is 20' from the screen with the projector 3' above our head. I'm going to swap out my screen for a 2.35:1 screen because I'm not always in the mood to watch movies in my theater. I need all the brightness I can get in my living room, so was looking at going high power. Would you suggest...
I have a 120" screen in my non-light-controlled living room and a 144" scope screen in my theater. For a dedicated theater, I'd never consider anything else but a front projector. For a living room with windows, cream walls, and the lights on, I'd happily swap out my projector for a flat screen. Unfortunately, there just isn't a reasonably priced 100"+ flat screen, and even moving down to 100" would be a huge loss in screen real estate. No way could I go down to that 90".
I can't see any chance of replacing my theater projector with a flat screen LCD. On the other hand, if someone would come out with a 100" LCD/Plasma/Whatever flat screen for under $10k I'd immediately swap it out for my projector in my great room where we watch sports. I'd love to have a consistent picture whether the lights are off/on or the blinds are closed or anything. Unfortunately, the room is 20x20, so I really can't get away with one of those 80" jobs. Heck, even...
I just set up my W6000 that's replacing a Sim2 C3X1080p in my living room (which was only there temporarily after my Infocus 7777 broke). I can't get text on the screen to be crisp. I focus as best I can and the text on screen is still just a tiny bit fuzzy. Did I get a bad unit, or is this just what you have to take when moving so far down in quality?
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