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Get TV This latest entry into the game of sub-channels is from Sony Pictures Television, mainly from it's movie library. Launched 2-3-2014 4pm EST. Opened with 1957's Operation Mad Ball in 24 markets. wiki has a little more info. Here in Atlanta it's on channel 34.3
I had DirecTv 4-30-03That was the last time I had pay-tv. Over 10 years ago.Can't see the sat.Ivy all over 2 big pines blocking the view. btw Ortho Brush B Gon is gone! The Bayer version doesn't work for me.The PQ for the Florida State Vs. Auburn was 240 in my opinion on cable.I had the Green bay vs. San Fran on my 535 it looked better than 480.No Braves Baseball OTA at all !!
What in the world are u talking about ??I'm 60 years old the 1st on our street to have cable in 1970.I have had cable 4 times and Directv 1 time. Average time in keeping 2 years.Why?I don't like paying for it."Filter" are you kidding me!!Cable at best looks 480i.I have a 32 element 8 bay antenna. My LG Smartv HD Tuner Runs rings around the cable picture.However I like having yet another choice. Netflix--Amazon Prime--HDTV and now Cable. Oh almost forgot XBMC. Most...
I finally bought a cable system. I won't tell who it is. On the back of the DVR it has HDMI- component and composite hook-up outlets & a USB on front. I recorded the NCAA Championship game Monday. I forgot to test it on my 535. I pulled a 6' RCA line to the front on the 535. The Yellow line is Big Coax. It did record a transfer from the DVR!!! Have Gun Will travel. I recorded 2 eps. When I pulled it up on the 535 LOL it had a DVD-Disc picture with a line across it. I was...
Murder She Wrote is back !! Ask mom today if she would like to watch something on Netflix Finally when it pulled up I saw Bones........Right next to it was Murder she wrote. They even remembered what episode she was on. Thanks Netflix Mark
Found this at gottadeal.com at 3:01pm 12-24-13 Get it at B&H photo Hitachi 1 TB Touro Mobile MX3 USB 3.0 Portable Hard Drive 54.95 Free S&H www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/84319-REG/Hitachi_OSO345_1_TB_Touro_Mobile.html When you go over there,click on the search box.When I was there the Hitachi was already setup for the search. Mark
Channel Master DVR+ 249.99 Very sleek only 1/2" high. I didn't see a model number--CM was really pushing the model as DVR+
"The picture quality is nice, but my TV is only 720P. The improvement is not worth the problems with the HDR5710 for me. I'll return the unit, but I'm hoping firmware updates and future posts from AVS Forum readers will convince me to repurchase or to purchase the new Magnavox TB745H" .[/quote] rogers20164 I did go the the website that bestbuy provided for returning my 5710. I used the label provided. Used all the packing material . Used my own batteries so their...
My 5710 got here on 12-4-13 6:30pm.Started testing till 1:30 am had it packed up at 2:30 am.Took it to UPS at 8:45 am.12-5-2013sent at 9:10am.Best Buy returned my money on 12-12-13 at 7:56 am.7 days.....This time of the year is real busy!
These shots were taken from the Season Final of Fringe Original recording 1-18-2013. Recorded on my MDR 535 in HQ transferred after edit to its own DVD recorder or HDD>>DVD. Played through my LG BD 530 via new HDMI. These shots were taken at apprx.3 feet.away from the screen. My viewing is 8 feet where a show like this looks really good. HDTV 42" LG LED 1080p.
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