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thinking ditching TiVo... BUT have some more questions :-) -- does the Moxi Mate now allow you to schedule and search for shows? -- how often does Moxi put out updates?
I had a 2008 Mits 73" DLP projection 1080p TV which was great loved its great color and refresh (only 60hz model)... Just replaced it with a new Sony 55" EX500 LCD-cfl model - haven't set it up yet still in the box. looked at many LCD's including the new 4 color sharp led model.... but picked this as our new TV. I see the specs on the sony and its power consumption is 325w which seems high (led models we saw were between 90-125w)... The kicker is I was curious...
so maybe I', making a big issue out of the 390 watts draw.. coming from a 73" dlp i'd like to save energy and lower the heat output (my dlp actually raises my basement's media room typically 5 deg - ouch how is this set, i know its a CFL vs LED model - which maybe actually is a better PQ light source? also looking at the new "yellow" model in 60" as well, but when I saw it best buy it seems OK but not sure I like the glossy screen? thanks in advance, John
LC-60LE810UN But not sure I want to spend that much right now...
Looking at this Sharp Set at Best Buy -- looks awesome btw! BUT is it a misprint that it consumes almost 400 watts? Thats more then a DLP projector tv?
Looking to replace a slightly older Mits DLP 73" (60hz) TV with either the LG 550 or 750 Plasma, or an other brand of LCD TV in the 60" size. I think I'd like the performance of the plasma - aka better motion.... BUT I am worried of the age old problem of burn in (IR), I do play a PS3 time to time; and we have a TiVo Premiere dvr and use pause a bunch... Am i just being foolish? Thanks John
Looking to swap out my 3 year old Mits DLP 73" (60hz model) with one of these 60" Sharps from BestBuy... a few questions: - do these newer led lcd sets run cooler then my projection set? - use less power - how is PQ? thanks JOhn
OK.. I think I'm ready to switch back to Cable from Directv... That being said I need a GOOD dvr slution and not the SciAt 8300 DVR from my cable co :-) Looking at either 2 - Tivo Premiere boxes; or a single Moxo box (with 3 tuner) and a Mate. I'm leaning towards Moxi due to final cost and streaming rather then copying (since my cable co uses the 1 copy flag on just about every channel). BUT I have some questions and concerns on using Moxi (I have been a...
question... any with a Moxi and Mate AND have CableVision? I know with TiVo CableVision flags many of the channels as copy protected thus you can't use MRV. With a Moxi + Mate since it doesn't actually transfer/copy the show rather streams it does it work around the copy protect flag? thanks
Thanks for the info... I did e-mail them and responce said bu 6/22 for my area... Seems strange no? And will this help remove SDV? Or at least help with PQ - or is that pretty solid these days? thanks again
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