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Question - any ideas when the rest of CT (Litchfield) will go all digital? And when it happens will it help remove SDV channels from the line up? And maybe increase PQ? Thinking about switching back from DirecTV so that I can use TiVo again and save some money each month (plus faster internet DSL 6mbs now) just curious and thanks
I assume that game was blacked out due to - black out rules.. ESPN typically will show ESPNews in its place. And if the area is not part of the black out - my 2nd guess would be CV is double dipping on decryption encoders....
Any updates or info on the Litchfield market? I see the Bridgeport market is going all digital - this month...
Thanks for the info - i'd go back to TiVo or a Moxi but my "fear" is SDV.... I can live with out the premium, and sports -- but when new HD rolls out i wouldn't want to be stuck. IMHO the tuning adapters are to unreliable for my use (yes I am a TV junkie LOL) I thought at one point I read here or on Yahoo Group (posted this there as well) that CV was going all digital but not in all areas or markets. I live in Northern CT and the Litchfield market seems to get the...
Might do the TiVo thing -- but I don't want to deal with the SDV adapter (which is why I sold my old tivo's and went to DirecTV) BUT in my market (Litchfield - CT) it seems only sport packages and some premium movies are using SDV. Does anyone know if they have stopped SDV with new HD channels (example the new ESPN and Disney and ABC channels in HD are they switched? or in the clear?) And as a follow up - is CV still reducing the analog channels in all...
any word on when CV will dump the 8300HD-DVR? or at least offer a better more modern version with more then 25hr's of HD capacity built-in? sidenote -- anyone here have a Moxi with 3 tuners? Does the multi stream Cable Card support 3 tuners with CV? Any issues?
sony_fan -- not to hi-jack this BUT how do you like the this Sony AVR and what type of speakers do you have?
couple of questions: - how much air flow (space) do you have on top of the HK? - what type of speakers and what ohm are they? - is your sub active or passive (active means it has its own built in amp; which really helps the ARV out - otherwise a passive sub can suck some extra power BUT passive is not common at all) - how long do you have the unit playing at "enjoyable" levels?
Thank you and "Dad" -- so the pops now are more of the relay click? Does it click through the spesakers or just at the AVR? And i assume there is no normal speaker his anymore LOL Got to say the Onkyo's I tied in the past had some serious punch (605, 606, 705)... John
hmm that sort stinks, are the pops loud. when I tried the older models the pops would make you jump LOL. Question is this common on other brands/ and why does it happen and why can't onkyo "fix" this. other problem I had with the 705 was a good hiss from the center. but with with the same setup using a Yamaha no hiss. but I really like the specs of the ht160 plus the price point is wow!!! thanks again. :-)
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