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does CableVision use the newer 8300HDC boxes?
maybe I missed a previous post... but how did you get those gift cards? my back story: I have D* with the big 5LNB dish and two HD DVRs... I pay about $90 a month for the extra pack and HD. The hardware sucks - very slow to respond and searching for shows is a chore. I "want" to switch back CV and buy two HD TiVo boxes which would be about $15 a month cheaper - BUT TiVo is worth it I think (since I would have to pay D* a LARGE ETF :-( ) So a gift card might...
well the thought of saving some money (was looking at a bunch of AVR's from higher end Marantz 7002, Denon 2309 (couldn't find locally), Sony 4400ES to this Onkyo) My mine goal was 4 HDMI inputs and GREAT sound. So at a local Circuit City picked one up and - so far its good. the auto setup worked fine (except for me thinking "backwards" and in my 5.1 setup i hooked up my surrounds which are behind me to the back surrounds which caused the auto setup to flake out)...
did you buy an other 706 or an other MFG? if you have the 706 still may I ask where you bought it? Does it work with HDMI items with no hum or buzz? thanks John
what is the starting range of updated serial number(s) that doesn't have the DirecTV issues? thank you
actuallu - I assume it had the hum.. does anyone here have the hum?
I have searched and read BUT if some doesn't mind answering this I would be very happy :-) and thankful if my 7002 that is awaiting me at the fedex stattion has an older firmware... what will this do to me? eqipment that is have: - Front L/R DefTech ProMonitor 800's - Center - DefTech ProCenter 1000 - Rear L/R Bose 161's (I know they are bose not great BUT they seem ok?) - Polk 12" Sub - PS3 for Blu and games (HDMI) - XBOX 360 for HD-DVD and some games...
when did you buy yours?
thanks -- does Marantz typically update the firmware on the production line?
thinking about the 706 on my short list - the auto calibration feature issue, is it just bad mics or bad firmware? - if you don't use the audasy sound feature the hum is not an issue correct?
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