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Wound up calibrating in 2D mode and manually tweaking, it's a pretty terrible experience though It seems like it makes some adjustments to 3D automatically when you switch to a 3D mode. I think brightness and sharpness.
Steve S, Did a little more research. I get "This function is not available" when trying to go into settings while in 3D mode. So I can't change any settings in 3D mode. There is an AV Mode button that looks like it might cycle through some of the presets, but not the expert one. It looks like if I change those presets it uses some values, but not all. For example, I can remove color and then I have no color when I go into 3d mode, but I'm pretty sure it bumps up the...
subywrx111, It comes with 4 pairs of glasses. However I picked up http://www.hhgregg.com/lg-6-pair-cinema-family-pack-passive-3d-glasses/item/AGF216 Got those in a day and it comes with one really nice pair of good sized glasses, much nicer than wht came with the set. A smaller pair with frosted white plastic frames that was good for my wife. 2 children's pairs that seem so tiny, but I don't have kids so maybe I'm misjudging the sizes of kid heads. And it comes with 2...
this was one of the first discs I watched and the subtitles during the initial scene with Black Widow are horrible out of focus. Just absolutely ridiculous ghosting. Is this an issue with my TV, the disc, or a combination?
Hi, I just picked up a 47LM4600 and I love it except for one key issue. I can't change any settings while in 3D mode. A "This funciton is not available now" dialog pops up if I hit the settings button. This forces me to use the AV Mode button to switch modes, however this only cycles through Standard, Gaming, and Cinema in 3d mode... and not the Expert modes I setup based on the calibration utility. It also seems as if it ignores certain aspects of the settings if I...
I have the LG 47LM4600. Only had it for about 24 hours and haven't done any real tests and calibration yet. But I love it except for one issue I'm investigating still. I can't change any settings when 3d is activated and the picture seems to default back to one of the original presets, which sems to include heavy edge enhancement. Other than that, I did calibration using the built in tool, and the resulting picture looked great. Plain old 2d 1080p blu rays look beautiful....
I haven't been able to get any calibration to take for 3d. It seems to always default back to a preset mode. Any thoughts?
I just picked up this TV and used the "in settings" calibration. Came out looking great. I gotta dig out my real calibration disc eventually though. My one big problem is that, the calibrated settings don't apply to 3d.
Got my Escapes yesterday. They are great! Would definitely recommend them to anyone who is still on the fence.
I got to check both chairs out at the warehouse and WOW. Both of them are really amazing. They feel sturdy, they feel comfortable. The power headrest really put over the Escape for me. I could live without the tray, the storage, and the cooling cup holder, but after laying in the Escape and using the powered headrest I was in love. It made it so no matter what position I was in, my head had perfect support.
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