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I've tried converting DVI to HDMI on several devices over the years but mostly with poor success, sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn't but mostly it didn't. There didn't seem to be much in the way of standards for DVI ports I guess. If you've been using the old MDP-120 for the past 8 years you got more use out of it than the rest of us. I gave up on mine 6 years or so ago. I'd say it's time to move on to something better that has a modern HDMI port if you want to...
mdavej clicking OK on the tiles doesn't do anything. I thought there should be some way to move or delete or edit them or something but can't find any way. Looks like it's hopeless.
I sent a message to Panasonic tech support asking how to use Viera Connect and got a reply saying Unfortunately, this option is not available on your Blu-Ray Player. We recommend purchasing a 2012 model. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Why did they even put it in the player if it's useless?
Made a little progress. I came across a setting called Allow Limited and changed it to Allow All. That lets me get to the 3rd page under Network where I can get to Settings but that's all there is on that page and it doesn't do anything but turn the beep on and off. The first function is called Customize Homescreen but if I select it the screen goes black for a while and it takes me back to the original Blu-ray screen. Going back to Network settings again there is...
I tried contacting the VIERA Connect Developers and just as I suspected there is a VIERA Connect Market where you get apps. I thought you guys would know that? They sent me a link to a Youtube video telling how to use it but I can't access the VIERA Connect Market on the Blu-ray player since there's no option for that! www.youtube.com/v/c5sI7MlDzHw
It doesn't look like that screen from a TV at all. There's nothing past page 2. It just recently did a firmware update so maybe that removed the Settings option if it ever existed?
I read all the comments whining about not having Netflix but that doesn't explain where the German news came from! Somebody must have added it somehow.
You're kidding, right? On the first page I just have You Tube and Amazon Instant Video. On the second page I only have Twitter, Picasa, Fox Sports, Pandora, the Weather and German News Tagesschau! There's no option for Settings, the Setup button doesn't work in this mode and no way to change or add anything or turn off the beep but there must be a way because how did they get the German news? It seems like there should be a Menu function somewhere but if I press Top...
Does anyone know how to add apps such as Netflix to the Viera player? Mine has just 6 things and most of the squares are empty but someone added the news in German so it must be possible to add more if you know how. The manual doesn't seem to mention it though.
I gave up on the MDP-120 years ago. Save yourself a lot of trouble, throw the old board in the trash and get a new one to upgrade your new system. You can often find a Hauppauge or ATI on sale for $30 or less. They have ×16 PCI Express connections now and are faster with better tuners than before.
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