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Check the Screen settings in the Menu under Setup. Since you can change the TV type from 16:9 to 3:4, Screen Format from Original to Fixed Ratio, and Aspect Ratio from Letter Box to Pan & Scan you might find a setting that stretches the picture to your liking.
Sounds like either the laser or the optical pickup is blown.
>AM on the Sony appears to be barely acceptable... Actually AM reception is quite good, as good as most any other radio. The problem is the AM antenna connector. HD stations need a stronger signal than regular stations so to get good reception and block out noise and static from household appliances you need an outside antenna with a shielded leadin using the proper shielded connector. The people at Sony really dropped the ball when they put screw terminals on the back...
I assume your files play OK in VLC or Windows Media Player? If that's the case then either your player doesn't really play mkv files or else the files were made with codecs the player doesn't have installed to play them with. You might try renaming the files to a type the player does play, such as MP4 and see what happens. The problem with mkv files though is that it's just a container that has audio and video streams that can be compressed with any number of codecs. ...
I don't have a Channel Master to compare it to but it works well enough to get all the Phoenix and Tucson stations. I wouldn't buy one though since it's old school and all the TV's now have tuners just as good so it's time to move on. Also there are a couple of problems with mine. The tuner is very sensitive to vibrations, any time the unit or the table it's setting on gets bumped it interrupts the reception. Not all of them do that but mine does. Also, Ch. 6, the PBS...
If you only have one HDMI input why don't you get a 4 port switch? A good one that switches automatically only costs $21 from Meritline and will make your life a lot easier.
I see them at Goodwill all the time for $5.99 or so. Since TV's all get HDTV now nobody needs them anymore.
A Logitech Harmony will operate it but they tend to be expensive. I have seem some on sale for $20 that only operate 4 devices though.
They don't forget the channels so if it didn't have any in memory it was never used or maybe someone scanned for channels with no antenna connected and erased them all. The sensitivity is quite good since I can get all the channels from Phoenix and Tucson. Whatever you do though don't lose the remote or you won't be able to operate it.
No idea but it works as well as any other unit. Here in AZ I can get all the Phoenix and Tucson stations. The good thing about them is they are cheap. I just saw one at Goodwill for $3.99. That's without the remote but I think a Logitech Harmony would probably work.
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