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It must have been a long time since you got a DVD from Redbox. There haven't been any free coupons for Redbox since last summer except for new customers. A lot of free coupon sites still list ones from 2008 or 09 but they all expired long ago. They are tied to your credit card so even if you find one that is claimed to work it won't work for you if you have used one before unless you use a different credit card each time.
I updated the box from 1.93 to 1.94 but it still acts up when I step down through the channels from 12 to 10 then it jumps to 44 but only does it the first time after it's turned on, then it works normally. It's able to get Ch.45 now and that wasn't coming in before. This is the only box I've seen that can receive Ch.38 properly though. There is a newish Spanish channel in Phoenix on Ch.38 that calls itself K38IZ during station breaks. It has channels named oddly too, 38.1...
I updated my box from 1.92 to 1.93 using the .dnf file and it seemed to work OK but what are the two .bin files for? Do I need to do anything with them?
Then you don't really know of any universal remotes that will work? I can't afford a Harmony and the only remote on ebay costs $39.95 plus $7.95 for shipping! I do have a JP1 remote that hasn't been used in years, maybe I'll dig that out and try it.
Rescan doesn't make any difference. Which universal remote will work? Blessedon said he's never found a URC that will work with the LST-350a and I can't justify buying an LG remote that costs more than I paid for the LST-350a.
My unit seemed to work fine at first but I've noticed that it has issues changing channels. If I am on a channel such as 12.1 and want to step down to say 8.2 and keep pressing the Down button it will go down to 10.1 then jump to 44.1 instead of going on down to 9. Then I have to press either the Up button or the Down button to go all the way from 44.1 to get to 8.2. I can't go directly to any channels since I don't have a remote. Does anyone know if updating firmware to...
When I got my 3510A the DVD player wouldn't work. I took it apart and found the ribbon cable that connects to the moving laser carriage was partly dislodged from the socket on the carriage. I pushed it in all the way and it works fine now so anyone having problems with the DVD player might want to try that. Too bad it's a proprietary player using a special interface and not a standard model that can be replaced when it goes bad.
Well I just picked up one of the units at Goodwill and it's ver. 1.92. Everything seems to work OK though. Is there any reason to update it? I didn't get the remote with it though. I found that my DirecTV RC64 universal remote will operate the DVD but not the HDTV part. Are there any universal remotes that will work the TV section? If so, what do you select to get the right code? I haven't seen any remotes yet that list HDTV tuners. Is it considered a TV, VCR, Directv...
How can I check the firmware version?
It's still down, been down for over a month now. They obviously changed the stream since it won't play anymore and the type of stream is listed as Unknown.
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