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I'm curious how this has come along as well. Crickets... I'm mostly wondering what kind of waterproofing was done to the spancrete because I have that and it leaks like a sieve.. at least I have a garage underneath.. can't even fathom taking a risk with finished space there, much less a home theater!
True, I forgot about that, Jason.
Archive.org is a wonderful thing... http://web.archive.org/web/20110202100424/http://theater-calc.com/
That has nothing to do with whether it's a client or server OS. It has to do with whether the application runs as a service/daemon or application. You can run both of those on a workstation OS.
If that's inferring my non-verbal - there was none intended. Just matter-of-fact. Unfortunately, that doesn't come across in forums.
I didn't see any reply to this so I'll bite. Don't bother biamping unless you really know what you're doing. You'll just end up with problems.. (it's not worth it)
Yes, jproy, that's an HDMI component just like any other.
3. At modest listening levels, you will likely not use any more than 20W or so of the capability of the amp component of your receiver, unless you have very inefficient speakers, you don't have a sub (and thus set the fronts to "large") and turn it up a decent amount. Any receiver above 80W for 98% of users is plenty; this is an over-rated spec (again, for the average listener). 4. This is important if you have any video sources that do not have HDMI. This is typically...
The reason I brought it up is the big step up in features and future capabilities you may want for not too much more (only assuming you get the great deal on it that I mentioned). If you'll ever want to use Pandora or AirPlay to stream music to the receiver, then it'd be a very good investment. You have some front speakers in your budget that fill that remaining $100. Many surround speakers come in a package that includes the center channel (or you can get it...
If only they cost 1/10 of that, John. One lamp would nearly max out his budget. Shaelsok, Upconverting is not necessary if everything is already HDMI. So you should get an HDMI switching receiver - I'm not sure the state of HTIBs these days, but in general, I would avoid them and focus on a receiver that will meet your needs, and spend the rest of your initial budget on front speakers. Then add the surrounds, then subwoofer, then replace the fronts with some better/long...
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