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Mendu, I completely agree with you. The broadcasting in SD because of weather alerts and school closings seems to be a waste of the technology. Maybe there will be some upgrade coming that willallow the stations to broadcast alerts and remain in HD. Let's hope so because I am sure the alerts are here to stay no matter how intrusive they are.
I should have said it is announced on their website. I actually saw a prototype at the NAB radio show over a year ago. Their website has been updated to indicate price and features. Maybe this time for sure!
Boston Acoustics announced an HD Radio for $499 today. They say it will be shipping in December.
email from Dave Madsen KTIV 1) We've just been informed from NBC that when there is a problem with severe weather at the main network transmit site in New York, they switch to a transmit site in Burbank...but the Burbank site doesn't have HD facilities. So, if you were wondering why there wasn't an HD signal recently, that MAY have been the problem. 2) Sometime during the day on Wednesday, we are going to turn off KTIV-DT for some additional testing. It will...
KTIV update Dave Madsen email received 10/11/05 Sorry, all...KTIV-DT is off the air. We discovered some problems in the system and we're working to get it corrected. The issues appear to be with some of the equipment that is mounted up on our tower, so it requires a special climbing crew and replacement parts to get it fixed. Of course, weather affects the ability of the climbing crew to do their work, so it may be several days before we are back on the air. Dave...
I received the following email from Dave Madsen: Sorry, everybody. KTIV-DT is off the air while we try to determine what the problem is with the transmission. It may be a day or two before we're back up an operating. Sorry for the inconvenience. Dave Madsen Station Manager KTIV-TV, KTIV-DT, KXWB-TV email: dmadsen@ktiv.com Phone: 712-239-4100, ext. 201 I received this on October 4
I stumbled across this forum on HD Radio if anyone is interested. http://www.hdradioforum.com
I know it is a stretch for this board but there appears to be an HD Radio company in our area. Here is the link to the press release I stumbled across. http://www.hdradiomagazine.com
I agree the the Masters tournament is just about the best commercial there is for high definition TV. I think CBS should be commended for what must be a tremendous effort to have all those HD cameras.
Thanks Craig for the information. Since we all are on the edge of HDTV reception here. What does everyone think about the experience. I for one am disappointed. The blockiness of the CBS HD transmission is very annoying. A good ghost free analog signal is better at motion. The one thing digital is good at is ghost free reception. If there is too much ghosting then the signal just drops out. Also the UHF band where all these stations reside is more effected by...
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