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No luck getting KXNE from here. They are at reduced power I hope. I have no information on South Dakota but they are scheduled for the end of the month. I continue to be impressed with the ChannelMaster 4228 antenna.
Husker, Can you get the Sioux City channels. If you can NBC HD programming is on 41-1. This is the digital feed from KTIV in Sioux City
According to TitanTV KDLT from Sioux Falls is up and running on channel 47-1 or 46-1. I have not checked this out yet but it shows that they are not broadcasting in HD yet. I will try and pull it in tomorrow night and give everyone an update.
Even if you do not like golf do yourself a favor and watch some of the Masters golf tournament on KELO-DT this weekend. The Agusta course is just beautiful and even if you do not like golf you owe it to yourself to see how beautiful HDTV can be.
Musicman I think that as the crow flies you are not any farther from the Sioux Falls stations than I am. If you have a clear shot to the west (maybe a little north of west) then if you have a good UHF antenna ( I love my ChannelMaster 4228) and an amplifier then you should be able to get the Sioux Falls stations. You will probably have to mount the antenna on your roof. I don't think you could get the KTIV but maybe you could. No chance for KCAU because they are not...
Husker, On your second question. My amplifier works on all channels. It is a 13 dB amp and it has cleared up my ghosting problem with channel 14.
Husker, Check out this thread that talks about audio out of sync with the video. http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showt...hreadid=223077 I do experience it sometimes (mostly on HBO HD off of the satellite). I don't know any more about it than is discussed in this thread. It sounds like it is a transmission problem
Mark, Welcome to HDTV. I have bad news for you. KCAU does not broadcast any HD. Their digital station is up but it broadcasts only standard definition programs. I put up a UHF antenna on my roof and I get HD programming from Sioux Falls for CBS and ABC. I get the HD for NBC from KTIV. I have the ChannelMaster 4228 antenna with an amplifier and I get SIoux Falls very well. I don't know if that is an option for you but if you want to get more HDTV over the air that is...
Update on KZNE-DT (PBS from Norfork) According to Titan TV KXNE was scheduled to go live on April 1 but I contacted Nebraska Public television and this is the news I received. KXNE will not be operating initially at full power. When this is the case a Special Temporary Authorization (STA) needs to be requested from the FCC. The target for broadcast is May 1st, and initially will be low power receivable primarily in Norfolk. Not good news for us here in the...
Well my ChannelMaster UHF antenna did the trick. I am getting KELO-DT out of Sioux Falls with a great signal. I now can get all networks digitally. Now we need to pressure ABC and Fox to transmit in HD and all will be well. I am glad I have a rotor or I would not be able to get all the channels. Now the public broadcasting stations from Nebraska and South Dakota are my next quest. I can't wait for them to begin broadcasting.
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