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As I know that all of Siouxland is wondering if I have KTIV-DT. It was a problem with my set. I did a new search of the channels and now I have everything.
I don't have KTIV-DT yet but I am sure it is my TV. I am going to re setup the antenna on the TV and I hope that should do it. This all proves to me that HDTV is not ready for prime time. A person must be very dedicated to receive the digital signal. I am afraid that it will be a long time before HDTV penetrates the public at large. It will take the cable companies carrying the HD signal before many will adopt the technology.
I was able to get KPTH-DT after following Dave's suggestion of using channel 49. I punched in 49-1 and it found KPTH-DT but the display says 44-1. Weird. Now I cannot get KTIV-DT. Is anyone else having trouble? I get KCAU and KPTH.
Well it is a relief to know that it is not my receiver (60" Hitachi rear projection with built in HD) I was dreading a service call to fix something in my receiver that would not act up when the repair man came to fix it. It does seem that it is a systemic problem. HDTV viewers are more attuned to their reception and are more sensitive to anything that is not perfect. If I let my conspiracy theory mind work I would say that the broadcasters are doing this so that people...
I have noticed the same thing too. It does it on HBOHD for me. When I switch to the regular HBO feed the voice is in sync. It seems that the longer I watch the greater the chance of seeing it.
I have installed my new ChannelMaster antenna (4228) and the improvement in the signal was impressive. I now can receive both ABC and NBC with no drop outs and as an extra benefit channel 14 (analog) is ghost free for the first time since I moved here. No luck on getting the Sioux Falls channels but I am still satisfied. I have one question on channel 44. Titan TV says that the major and minor channels are 44-1. When I tune my receive to 44-1 it just brings in analog 44....
Wow A lot of people saw that editorial in the Journal. I have had many comments on it. Thanks for your kind words. It looks like the digital world is starting to get interesting. I am going to try and receive the ABC channel from Sioux Falls when I get my new antenna up. (My never ending quest to see the Superbowl in HD) I will keep the forum posted on my results.
Thanks Craig I will try it at 44-1. I am upgrading to a better UHF antenna when it comes in. I should be able to get the Norfolk PBS station and I am going to try to get the Sioux Falls digital stations when they come on the air.
I couldn't pick up KPTH last night. My information is that it is on 49. Is that correct. Do you know if they are on their regular tower? Does anyone know how much power they are broadcasting with. I think KTIV is broadcasting with more power. At least they are indicating more power on my signal strength meter. I can get them without an amplifier.
I have been posting in the Des Moines forum but I thought it was time for a Siouxland thread. I have a Hitachi 61" with an integrated digital tuner. I have an all channel antenna with a rotor to pick up the local ABC and NBC digital feeds. On other local forums the engineers from the local stations contribute and I hope that happens here. That way we can get accurate information about the digital transmissions. I encourage anyone in Siouxland to share their experience...
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