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Mark Yes we are hitchiking on your thread but I noticed there was some talk of the Mason City station so I thought it would be OK to broaden the scope of the thread. I think pulling in the ABC digital signal will be tough because the digital transmitter is not on the main tower. It is located on a small tower in downtown Sioux City. I don't think the coverage is that great. I think the bluffs will block the signal.
Good to know someone else in Siouxland is watching HD. According to Titan TV KMEG will not go HD until November 2003. Titan has been pretty accurate up to now. I am looking forward to the Superbowl in HD. I also get HD HBO and HDNet. What kind of equipment do you have? Bill
Not exactly Des Moines but here in Sioux City we have NBC and ABC up on the air. Looks like the Superbowl in HDTV at my house. I had a few problems getting the digital signal. I have an antenna on the roof with a rotor. I had to install a 13dB amplifier before I was able to get the digital signal. I live right across the border in South Dakota and am only about 15 miles away from the transmitter but I still needed to boost the signal. They are not broadcasting at full...
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