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Thanks Blee.I guess the advantage with closing the user iris down(as long as one is getting the peak white/brightness one wants) is the variation of CR when the DI is performing it's function is less...perhaps 10:1 when the user iris is open to 3:1 when the user iris is closed.
This would....
Has anyone done a detailed analysis on the JVC DI: User iris at 0 with DI vs user iris at -15 with DI(with smaller image size to match brightness of larger image at user iris at 0).......keen to hear of differences in image quality.
I can definitely understand that....brightness is seductive!
If the image was made smaller to match max brightness when the iris is O on the large image vs -15 on the smaller image, it should not any dimmer...just smaller.
I realise that, however when the user iris set to -15 doesn't the DI have to work less aggressively to provide the same or better black floor?...less aggressive action less negatives?If such a machine existed, say with a 1,500,000:1 native CR, would it not be preferable to a machine that needed to employ a DI to provide a 1,500,000:1 CR?
Look forward to your observations, credits should be an interesting test as well.I would think if such a machine existed a 1,500,000:1 native CR would be preferable to a 1,500,000:1 dynamic CR
Blee a little experiment, run the user iris at -15, but shrink the image, till the bright levels match the larger image, sit at the same ratio(closer now with the smaller image)Purely from an image quality and dynamics point of view not size, with the ILA/DI engaged, your impressions would be interesting.
If with ones screen and the net result is one is getting 20fl with pure white image(100IRE) with the iris setting at -15, one would be getting the best native CR the projector was capable of. Thus the ILA is the icing on the cake even lowering the black levels further. In the above scenario, would not the average CR be better than if the iris was run fully open to get the 20fl on a larger screen, with the ILA running more aggressively, as the ILA aperture would not close...
I would still rather have the user iris at -15, thus the native CR at it's highest and the ILA working within that parameter, than the user iris at 0 at the projectors least native CR and the ILA having to work more aggressively. With option 1 the iris action will be quicker and gamma changes less aggressive.Of course if the 1st option won't provide adequate light in high APL scenes, there is no option.
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