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I am approaching the end of my contract with DirecTV and I think I will move to a network tuner setup (via cable card). My current HTPC server has a 3TB and a 2TB HDD (both of which are approaching max capacity). They are currently configured as independent drives (G: and H:). I would like to add another HDD (3 TB minimum), but I would also like to pool my current drives and any future drive(s) together to keep my media management a little easier. Is this possible? If...
What if one has a second PC already? I'm looking at dropping DirecTV and picking up a network tuner. I already have three 360s and another PC to cover all TVs in the house, but I'm worried the PC might not work as an extender after reading this thread. Is it possible for all of my devices to have a single source for recorded TV? I would rather not manage multiple PCs to record shows, only for playback.
The biggest question is, do you see the "static" images during normal viewing? If I get really close to my set I can see the outline of the Red Zone channels logo on a white screen. However, I can barely notice the same outline from my normal viewing distance and it is non-existent during normal viewing. Since the NFL season is over, the image has slowly faded, so I will be a little more careful next year (run pixel jumper overnight on Sundays after watching RedZone),...
Unfortunately, this did not fix my error. I read HCFR uses Argyll drivers for an i1 pro. Is this the case for the i1 D3 and ArgyllCMS as well?Display GUI shows the correct meter, so I am unclear as to the issues I am encountering.
I guess I was just asking if I am heading down the right path by thinking my HTPC should be calibrated independant of the other sources given I am limited to one HDMI output with my AVR.
Is it possible for a HTPC with MadVR/ArgyllCMS to produce results equal to the eeColor box?
Will that process impact use of the i1 pro with Chromapure?
I just downloaded HCFR and I cannot select my i1 Pro sensor in the drop down (only see 'simulated sensor'). How do I get HCFR to see my i1 Pro (the drivers are installed, because the i1 Pro works fine with Chromapure).Thank you,
A Chromapure/MadVR combo would work wonders for my HTPC!
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