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Well, I didn't see that coming. I was getting annoyed with how long the Joffrey / Tyrion scene was dragging on, because I honestly did not think any major character would die at this point. I thought maybe one of the dwarves would get the sword (didn't it seem like Tyrion was goading Joffrey to kill someone?) or maybe they caught Shae. And then... There goes the man everyone loves to hate. Sorry, but Ramsey doesn't hold a candle. I still think he and Theon are a waste...
Neither is based on a true story. Just a Coen bros gag.
I blame Harry Potter. Now EVERYTHING half way successful must have its finale split in two.
It's really unbelievable that there's no outside media. Nobody is posting anything on social media either? In the French series, at least the friends and families try to conceal the fact of the returns. Here it seems to be an open secret, but what people are concerned about is keeping the kid out of church, like he's got the measles and rather than came back from the dead. It's not like the town is in some kind of supernatural bubble either. Immigration guy is still...
And not Se7en? Missed opportunity!
Does Hannibal not have a security system? Why do people keep waltzing into his kitchen? RIP chilton, assuming he's really dead. The actor who plays him is really good. In Silence of the Lambs, the guy is just kind of a weaselly bureaucrat, but this chilton is so pompous you can sort of believe he could be a psycho killer.
Remember when Congress held hearings about steroids, lots of people said Congress had no business sticking their nose in MLB's. But without that, how long would it have taken MLB to clean up?
Even when you consider tuition vs career earning, yes an Ivy League education will pay off more. Also, for certain fields, an Ivy League education is pretty much mandatory to reach the top. Who's the last Supreme Court justice that did not go to Yale or Harvard.Now, an arts degree in a pricey private liberal arts college, that may not pan out so well.The problem in the u.s. Is a high school diploma is not going to put you in a middle class like it used to, and we don't...
It does seem unfair. But DwtS is like the Special Olympics. It's more about participation and having fun than winning.
LOL I didn't even know they had a new actor. I just thought "who the hell is THIS guy?"Even Jamie new darker hair confused me. Seriously people, there are too many freaking characters, I need to have simple color coding!
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