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Have a look at the Musiland Monitor 02 US (£74 shipped to UK). I got one for my laptop and it really is a great little device. With its latest drivers (only Windows, no Mac, no Linux) is rock solid and SQ is fine. Plus it has 2 headphone outs, one for mid & high ohmic and another for low ohmic. It plays anything from 16/44 to 24/192 including 88.2 and 176.4KHz through its propietary ASIO drivers and drives my K501s way better than my laptop's and desktop's onboard sound...
Right now I have a Philips BDP 9600 with QDeo processing on lease and I own a Radiance XS + VP50. I'm in EU so as SD I mainly watch PAL DVDs and 1080i@50/576i DVB-T. The VP50 in forced "2:2 Odd" mode beats both the QDeo and the Gennum hands down deinterlacing them. With 2:3 material all 3 excell, maybe ABT is a little better with 2:2 (30fps) and mixed cadences. The scaling gold medal goes for Lumagen, next comes QDeo and last ABT (adds ringing even at "0" sharpness). I...
Unfortunately I don't have such player, the RP82 has no digital video output. As to the rest, I don't think the transport adds or removes anything to/from PQ, its basically the decoder and processing that make for a better or worse image plus possible degradation in the analogue or digital output stages. As I am outputting 480/576p off the VP50, there is no scaling but Lumagen's for both sources. I'd like to know if Lumagen's SDI input module is a true SDI or if theres is...
Haven't tried the VideoEQ but VP50 for deinterlacing + XS for scaling+EE+NR+Calibration is stunning.
I have both a VP50 with an SDI card fed by an SDI'd Panasonic RP82 and a Radiance XS. As I watch most DVDs I also bought a second hand Oppo 980H thinking its HDMI output at 480/576i would match the SDI combo so I could sell the VP50+Panny combo. After some testing comparing the picture of the Oppo trough the XS to that of the RP82->VP50 (only deinterlacing)->XS I found that the SDI gives a sharper more defined picture. It is not a night and day difference but still is easy...
Did you also set this: Speaker Setup Page > Down-mix to “Stereo”.? Is LPCM set to 48K?
I would try to set the Oppo to output PCM instead of bitstreaming. I've had some issues with my Oppo and Samsung TVs (both plasma and LCD). Could you please try to set the VP to output any of the YCbCr formats (4:2:2 or 4:4:4)? I can only send RGB to Samsung displays, else I just get a purplish screen.
Hi Derek,and this would be over or under 1.000$?
Winston just a silly question, shouldn't the 2:02 in the test name column be 2:2? Great work and thread. Cheers.
I see, thanks Dave. Do you know if when it comes out it will over or under 4k$?
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