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I'm also having this problem. Last saturday I did some simultaneous measures with my D2 LT and a friend's i1 Pro since then all data is gone form the CIE chart even if it is ticked. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling but it didn't help, any ideas? Thx
I have tested a Denon DVD-2500BT with the AVSForum AVCHD calibration disc burned to a DVD and it plays just fine. It may no be offically supported but it seems to work.
OK, thx.
OK. Crystal clear, no new features for 983. Do we also forget about a potential "984" exploiting the new chip to its fullest?
Of course its logical that if there is an extra cost to adding those functions Oppo will pass it onto the product. Changes in packaging, user manual changes, implemetation of new features and even unit marking changes, hopefully having so much in common with the 983 I don't belive these should be too high. Even in their web it'll be pretty much a "copy & paste" job.Very true, but almost all C.E. products change every year and add or improove functionality. You buy a plasma...
I see what you mean, and its true some customers might feel somewhat cheated. So, why not a 984H with all the picture candy and a (slightly) bigger figure in the price tag? I guess in BD times the 983 is already a risky bet, but seeing its success and provided the development effort and cost should be quite small (only soft), if they have some spare resources left by BD developent could be worth considering, just like Sony's S350 Vs S550 or Panasonic's BD30 Vs BD50, to put...
Neuromancer, was that addressed to my post? From 1st page: -"No 1080p/24Hz Support Many of you asked about a 1080p 24Hz mode. The ABT1018 scaler and frame rate converter in the 983H is capable of generating the 1080p24Hz timing and converting 50Hz or 60Hz input to 24Hz. However the frame rate conversion is not locked to the original cadence of the program. This is due to the ABT1018 scaler/frame rate converter is a separate chip from the ABT102 de-interlacer, and...
Wasn't that because of the split chipset? if so it could be done now, of course only if they wanted to. Same with all other functions.
I use a SDI Panny (RP82) into a VP50 with HQ 3:2 and 60->24 frame rate conversion outputting 1080p24 to a 5090H (European top 9G) in Advanced mode (3:3 pulldown), result is great. The 983 with the ABT1020 "could" also do it at a fraction of the cost.
what a pitty! with the abt1020 and same functionality as before the 983 is a great player but adding a 'b' or 'Mk II' in the front and activating all the possible options.... wow! 1080p24, detail enhacement, NR, etc. It wouldn't be the first case of a player with two different firmware lines .
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