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Same happens in PDVD unless you select the {xxxx-xxxx.... } motion adaptive mode.
Can you make changes to any of those stick? I've tried to make some changes but after you open TMT they seem to revert back to default and do nothing within TMT itself. I've played HQV's DVD test disc in TMT with a 8600GTS and a 2600XT, jaggies1, jaggies2 and flag test were as bad as they can be scoring 0 in all of them with HA turned on (haven't tried with HA off but guess it'll give similar results), changing from autodeinterlace to deinterlace didn't help.
Its Guru3d's thats giving me trouble, official CATs install OK and are the ones I currently have. I tried HQV's disc and on Jaggies1 and Jaggies2 (using PDVD 7.3) my results are just OK. As you mentioned that VA wasn't working on ATI's 8.1 I wanted to check whether it was possible to get a full 5 points in jaggies2 and a perfect bar in the green zone in jaggies1 ( BTW, does the sharpness setting only have 1 or 0 or is there another registry entry where it can be set to...
Arf, thats precisely what I was trying to do but I couldn't. I tried using the offcial 8.1 CAT .inf modding references to files/directories but it didn't work. Do you mean lines that start with "ATI Radeon HD 2400....."?
Hi Arfster, I tried to install these yesterday and got the "inf not found error", my card is an 2600XT PCIe, exactly which entries do I have to delete? colud you upload a modded .inf that works? Cheers
I was hoping that even if the share a similar MKT solution, as the 983 has the ABT chips in the path, it could have a different implementation and there could be a chance of an open back door.
Will the 983 be firmware wise like the 970/981 which can be "tweaked" for us poor non HDCP compliant users, or will it be like the 980 which can't be defeated? I'm really interested in this player but my HDTV CRT only accepts component and my iScan HD+ will block analog output on HDCP'ed inputs.
If possible
Thx Gary, any suggestion with PQ at least as good as the 82 but similar functionality to that of the 980 that doesnt cost an arm and a leg?(SDIable that is)
Is there a SDI mod for the 980? I currently have a 970 (using DVI into an HD+) and hate to cycle open/close to have the player remember last position. My other player, an an SDI'd RP82 is starting to do weird things with recorded discs, like bad received satellite. It doesn't do it with purchased discs though. Anyway, 20 discs memory plus SACD will be definitely welcome. Cheers
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