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Quote: Originally Posted by Shaitan My Panny RP82 is awesome still. But i am hoping the OPPO bests it. I have an SDI modded 82 and an Oppo both connevced to an iScan HD+ scaler and in my opinion the 82 has better picture. I find it slightly sharper, has less noise and colours are a tad better, specially reds. This might be different when comparing the 82's component output Vs Oppo's DVI.
Thx, nice tool!
Quote: Originally Posted by Kris Deering The 970H will have full HDCP compliance But... will there be a way to disable it? just like there is an easy way to make it region free? or should I treasure my soon to arrive 971H? I wanted it just as backup for my SDIed RP82.
If it is HDMI, does it mean it is also HDCP? will the new "972" also have HDCP? I'm using an HDTV CRT (with an iScan HD+) with only YPbPr so HDCP is a no go.
That is the oposite to what I'm saying. You don't have to change your player if you play in it discs burned properly.
MR= Multiregion aka region free. You are right, a little time is needed to learn how to burn "kosher" discs, it shouldn't take too long though.
@msim, I have an RP82 which is even older than your S35 and it is also very picky with DL, so far I found that using Verbatim media with ImgTools Classic + Imgburn or DVDDec I have no problems whatsoever. Avoid nero for DL's, it makes non compliant discs. Also an update will probably improve media reading but you'll loose MR if your player has this capability. Cheers.
Ofer, It worked 100%, one RC less to move around. I think DVDO should describe how to do this in their manual, it really makes it much more confy to use. Thanks again.
Oferlaor thx a million, I'll try it as soon as I get home this afternoon. Monday I'll post the result.
Quote: Originally Posted by StooMonster JavierS: even the iScan HD does what you want with SD material ... my HD automatically outputs 50Hz or 60Hz * 1366x768 when I put PAL or NTSC DVDs in my SDI player. * I actually have 48Hz for Region 1 DVDs. Are you saying this stops working for 1080i content? Or that if you select output to 1080i it doesn't switch Hz? StooMonster The 2nd. I have no idea of how to configure the profile options,...
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