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"Designed" for full range doesn't necessarily mean "Excels" at full range. I have an Empire as my mid BASS module and I have a Dynasty for the low end. I have them crossed at 40 Hz using a Behringer DCX2496 to handle the crossovers and an Antimode to tackle everything else. The Dynasty excels at low to very low bass and the Empire excels at mid bass. This doesn't mean that each one isn't full range, it means that each one has a sweet spot and I just took full advantage...
JChin, Thanks for the tip. I looked in the manual and it said something about multi-output and setting other outputs to 2-channel. I'll look further. MrJulius
Thank you both for the advice. I will set the player to bitsream the audio to the receiver and let the receiver handle the decoding. Thanks also for the settings info. MrJulius
thebard, Yes, I was referring to the menu changing in the PS3. It won't output through more than one cable at a time. It's buried fairly deep in the x-bar menu and a pain for the wife to get to everytime she wants outdoor music. I always leave it to output HDMI due to the Blu rays and the indoor music server.
I currently have the Onkyo 608 and have an upgrade NR708 under the Christmas tree. I am trying to figure out how to set up the 708 so that I can use the DLNA feature to send music to my backyard speakers from my computer. I realized that only analog signals can route through the Zone 2. This was always a problem for me and the 608 because I use my PS3 via HDMI for my current in house music server and blu ray player. I know that I can also use the RCA cables from...
Quick question. I have a new Onkyo NR708 receiver and a new Sony BDP-S570 Blu Ray player under the Christmas tree. Both will decode TrueHD and DTS MA. Does it make any difference which one handles the decoding? Thanks for any help on this. MrJulius
Good point there. I didn't consider the magnetic field. My current A/V rack is glass. No way the amp can sit there.
OOPS, my mistake there. I already have the Empire hooked up and the amp is under the tree. The Empire would have been the tree stand.
I am out of room up front. I have an Empire and I have an Emotiva XPA-2 amp under the Christmas tree. I would like to put the amp on top of the Empire as I am pretty much out of options for placement of this amp. It's 75 pounds ! I believe that the Empire's cabinet design is strong enough and inert enough to allow this. For those of you that are using Empires as end tables and such, how do you find the vibrations? My only other question is can the amp handle...
Exactly what I did with the Empire...I would imagine that the Legend would do well as a mid bass module too. Some put two different subs together and EQ them as is. I wanted to separate them via crossover point and let each sub handle a different section of bass. I've been running this for just over a month and it is working well. See this link if interested:http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showp...ostcount=14630 MrJulius
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