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Frozen code from Bluray $7
Thor pending payment. I will email them as soon as you pay via Paypal
I have eight (8) 153's and one (1) 163. They were used in an 11 channel setup. Just about 2 years old. No issues, however 2 of the 153's have a small hole in the bottom and a small hole in the back as they were height speakers and I hung them using a small eye hook. I recently moved to an AT screen and they were too deep for the space...else I would have kept them. A pair of 163's have already been sold which is why I only have 9 left. I don't want to deal with...
Looking for 4 black.
Is anyone NOT using the black fabric and have their speakers an inch away without the grills? Can you see the drivers at all in bright scenes? Thanks
I am the second owner, purchased locally last year. Selling since I finally found a pair of Sheerwater Hot Rod's. 9 out of 10 on Agon scale. No interest in shipping, I live in Fair lawn and work in Berkeley Heights. Will meet within reason
Need a quick solution or work around. I was using airplay last summer pretty successfully. Tried to us it this morning and it won't work. I know It can be unreliable so I decided to hook up the ipad direct via USB and the receiver recognizes the song in th display but no sound....even out of the main zone. Any ideas?
Anyone? 1 down, three rounds to go and I'd like to see the masters upscaled in 3d through the player. Thanks
I'm running Verizon Fios, native, through my player. I can't seem to get the 3D channel in the correct mode, as it is showing a split screen, top and bottom, even if I change the projector 3D format. Am I missing a setting within the player that I should be messing with?
I was going to go to submersives or caps (from my current set up of two VTF 15's and two PC Utras) After following a lot of you through your journey I've now decided to skip that last ID step and go right to DIY. My current set up only lasted a month or two....seems my fate has been sealed a long time ago and just didn't know it...lol...like a lot of you.
New Posts  All Forums: