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I gave up on Ceton a long time ago, regardless of price. And I was one of their early early (i.e. pre-order) adopters. Silicondust it is. Especially their tuners that'll transcode as well...
Have you tried using a powered HDMI over CAT6 solution? While not cheap, it is much less than getting a new receiver. You'll have to run CAT6 under the house again, which is a bummer, but it may be worth it if it works.
It's most probably the HDMI cable sensitivity of the Onkyo, since you're using a 50ft cable which is darn near in the grey area of max length for passive HDMI cables. Some receivers/displays have a setting that lets you control this sensitivity. Try that? or failing all else, time for a new receiver?
Well, I guess, my perspective for "sharing media between two theaters" is different. To me, that implies sharing media without imposing any particular restrictions on playback/consumption. Yes, Plex is one option, but that is by no means the only option and it is restrictive to begin with. To me this implies attacking the problem at a level that is far below playback i.e. network access.
Thanks stanger, that's precisely what I was trying to convey.
except for one problem. You have to use the Plex client to play back anything. While that may be ok for non-critical viewing, from a home theater quality perspective, it's a no go. And then there's the integration factor and how it integrates with other activities you are doing.Don't get me wrong, it is most certainly an option, but if "untouched" access is what you after, can't beat a VPN.
Setup a site to site VPN (OpenVPN works great) between the two locations using pfSense or something similar. Both locations will "effectively" be on the same LAN, with a single server accessible to both. Edit: This is exactly how I access my home setup remotely, including in my car. My phone VPNs into my house on one end, turns on wifi tethering on the other end, and whatever connects to the wifi hotspot has full access to my home LAN. With wired routers on both ends,...
You don't need to do all that, if you're looking for analog outs from your HTPC.Depending on which software you use for playback, all decoding can be done in software with (upto) 7.1 being passed out of the sound card as analog. This is what I was doing for the longest time, with an X-Meridian. I was feeding the output of the X-Meridian to a Fosgate pre-amp and then to amps, but the Fosgate was being used as a glorified volume control, nothing else. The volume could have...
The keyword in your post is "eight years ago". DD and DTS licensing costs are cheap. And you don't have to pay any licensing cost for the S/PDIF interface itself (it's a non issue). With HDMI and DTS-MA/TrueHD etc etc, you have DUAL licensing costs. One to the HDMI consortium and one to the actual decoder consortium. And when you sign their agreements, you pretty much sign away your first born. You deviate from their iron clad rules one bit, and they take away your...
This work? http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16811165052 Comes with 5 hotswap bays, can easily add 5 more, and is less than 20" deep.
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