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I've been trying a GTX770 recently and don't see any problem. I am using ReClock and WASAPI Exclusive so I'm not completely sure about any other setup but it seems to me that I had silent stream problems with these several years ago.
100 " diagonal.
I have an 003 lamp at 1800. At 1700 I started to notice that it was getting dim. I went to high power and it looks like it will go quite a bit further since I currently have it stopped down quite a bit and it's quite bright.
I have 1300 hrs on an 003 bulb and it's still going strong. Seems much better than any of the earlier bulbs.
Black Clipping
It's up and running again.
While it looks like MS will not provide the option, you can get there with "Classic Shell". That said, I don't see any compelling reason to upgrade from Win 7 if the Metro UI is not going to be used.
I see this (and Audio Frame Errors as well) quite often. I'm using HDHrun tuners with SageTV. I have never noticed any glitches when actually watching the final product, however.
The one that I received was the newest.
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