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Is there an all off IR code for Russound CAV/CAM6.6 systems? I'd like to program my Logitec remote to kill all the zones when I'm starting a movie. Thanks.
Been working OK for me.My only complaint is that if I'm watching something using 7MC and use the transport buttons on the remote then JRMC responds and skips/repeats songs.
Just FYI -- JRMC 15 has a "Media Network" feature that allows you to control JR's playback (on multiple zones) via the network. E.g. your notebook or iPhone becomes a remote. Streaming playback from your sever is also available. More here: http://yabb.jriver.com/interact/index.php?board=7.0
That was the final straw for me. I pulled the plug on Comcast in terms of Cable TV. They still have me for Internet and Phone but that may change too.
Thanks. Last I knew there was but one CableCard tuner for HTPCs: the ATI TV Wonder Digital Cable Tuner (I think one or more other tuners are under development but have yet to hit the market). Compatibility problems aren't unheard of but I've yet to find anything recent that's specific to ATI & SA/Cisco. I don't suppose you know if/when the Southern NH (former Adelphia) towns are going to move to SDV?
That's good to know; I guess. FWIW, My info came from a Comcast tech -- one of 3 different ones who visited my home trying to get the cable card tuner in my HTPC to work correctly. The same exact HTPC/tuner worked just fine in Nashua but after moving to a "former Adelphia town" can't seem to tune in half the HD stations I'm paying for. In hind sight the tech might not have said "out of date". He might have said "crap". Maybe he was just making excuses for not being...
Are you in an area that was formerly served by Adelphia by any chance? I've heard that Adelphia's equipment was out of date compared to the rest of Comcast's head ends (from a tech trying to get cable cards to work in my home).
Does anyone know if the caller ID PC app needs a Comcast STB/DVR to work or does the app talk directly with the Comcast phone eMTA? Is there a particular port on my PC's firewall that I need to open for the PC app to work? Thanks.
A great big thanks Hyslopc. CAV66 is working wonderfully with my CAM6.6 $51.25 is on the way to your paypal account. Cheers! P.S. Someone mentioned an "Alarm" feature earlier in this thread. Sounds like a neat idea to me.
I'm looking forward to trying out cav66 with my home server. I've heard that some USB-to-Serial adapters don't as well as others (e.g. some don't work well at all). Any tried and true recommendations for USB-to-Serial adapters that work under Windows Vista? Thanks!
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